A small glimpse of the things we do as brothers and as a chapter...

Our brothers Eric 'Raven' Zhao and Nathan 'Roach' Ou at Ultra Music Festival 2017 Gamma Chapter at our summer National Convention 2017 in Denver, CO Our brothers dressed up for Halloween 2016 Curtis Orchard Social with the sisters of alpha Kappa Delta Phi Welcoming the Fall 2016 sisters of Kappa Phi Lambda at their probate Our alumni and ex-National Board Treasurer Newell 'Oxy' Miao at our National Convention 2016
Our brothers posing at the steps of Krannert Center At the installs banquet for our Spring 16 and Fall 16 new members Santa's Workshop with the sisters of Delta Kappa Delta Brandon 'Nitro' Au with his little brother Ryan 'Fate' Huynh Our Fall 2016 class at their new member presentation
At our banana bread fundraiser, with all the loaves of banana bread that we baked ourselves With the Fall 2016 sisters of Lambda Theta Alpha at their new member presentation Our brothers Connor 'Scout' Abendroth and Brandon 'Nitro' Au at our Denver Convention afterset Our brothers volunteering to pack meals at the Community and Campus Day of Sevice Our brothers walking to support our charity of choice: 'Alzheimer's Association' At our booth set up for Quad Day 2016

Contact Us

401 South Sixth Street
Champaign, IL

President: Connor Abendroth
Phone: (847) 594-2318 | Email: uiuc.cst.president@gmail.com

Rush Chair: Kevin Hui
Phone: (630) 346-0748 | Email: cst.flipside@gmail.com

Rush Chair: Alex Jiang
Phone: (256) 694-1240 | Email: cst.zuko@gmail.com

Rush Chair: Timmy Tran
Phone: (773) 620-0673 | Email: cst.draco@gmail.com

Rush Chair: Liam-Pedro Camarillo-Kim
Phone: (312) 218-8166 | Email: cst.inno99@gmail.com